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Examinations – Preparation, Coordination and Coaching

Studenten im Seminar lernen für Prüfung

Upon completion of a DeutschTutor-language training you will receive a certificate confirming the level of profiency you have achieved. This will fulfil requirements for many purposes.

However, in certain cases, i.e. you want to begin studies at a German university, you will also need an officially recognized certification of your German language skills in addition. For this purpose you will need to take an examination at a licensed certification center.

The following is a list of official German language examinations:

  • Goethe Institute Examination (examination developed by the German “Goethe-Institut“)
  • ÖSD-Examination (“ÖSD” = „Österreichisches Sprachdiplom Deutsch“ or “Austrian Language Diploma for German Language”) – a examination system developed in cooperation with Austrian scientific institutions)
  • TELC-Examinations („TELC“ = „The European Language Certificates“) – an examination offered by the organisation of adult education centers in Germany)
  • TestDaf-Examinations – an examination offered by the German “Society for the Preparation of Academic Studies and Examination Development” (“Gesellschaft für akademische Studienvorbereitung und Testentwicklung” =  “g.a.s.t.“), which has been designed for persons who want to study at a German university

All examinations listed above confirm the level of your proficiency in German language based on the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages (CEFR).

Important note: Even though all certifications measure the same subject, they are not all equally accepted in different countries and by different institutions. Therefore it is important to determine the exact purpose of the examination to be taken. We will be happy to assist you in finding the most suitable examination for your personal case. Please contact us anytime!

No matter which examination you wish to take, we will prepare you for it in the most effective way. If needed we will also coordinate the examination and support you during it. In this case we will schedule the examination with a suitable certification center at the location most convenient to you and provide any necessary support in case there are any questions, issues or concerns.

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