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DeutschTutor Crash Course – Learn German in only 3 Weeks!

Crashcours German in three weeks

Do you need German language skills as quickly as possible? Are you ready to learn and train with and without an instructor every day for a period of 3 weeks?

Then the DeutschTutor Crash Course is just the right thing for you!

In this course you will be trained by an experienced, certified DaF-Trainer 5 times a week over a period of 3 weeks. Prior to this we will prepare a detailed analysis of your existing language skills and your individual needs and goals. Based on the outcome we will create an intense, customized training program tailored to your personal needs. This program will include live tuition with your personal instructor as well as specially designed exercises for your private studies.

You will have a tough program which will keep you busy for 3 weeks. But it will be worth the efforts! After 3 weeks you will have improved your German by up to one full language level. With a conventional language course you would need significantly more time to achieve the same result. We recommend our crash courses especially for beginners on language levels A1 and A2.

Our Offer:

DeutschTutor Crash Course

  • 3 x 5 days private tuition in our virtual classroom
  • 2 live training units per day (1 unit = 45 min.)
  • Detailed placement test (written and oral) and analysis prior to course
  • Final examination (written and oral) at the end of the course
  • Verification via DeutschTutor language certificate
  • Total costs: € 995,- incl. VAT (€ 829,17 net)

Interested? Reserve your DeutschTutor Crash Course, or get a free, no obligation personal consultation!