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Our Tutors – Experienced DaF-Trainers

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All „DeutschTutors“ are experienced, competent language teachers and certified „DaF“-Trainers (“DaF” stands for “Deutsch als Fremdsprache” or “GFL” resp. “German as a foreign language”).  Additionally they are specially trained to make the best use of our interactive e-learning tools and methods.

Amongst our DeutschTutors are native speakers as well non-native speakers with a DaF certification. The decision of native vs. non-native trainer is made depending on the needs of the student. Beginners are preferably trained by non-native speakers who can speak the mother tongue of the student, as this will make communication during the initial stages much easier. Advanced learners are usually trained by native speakers.

The high quality standard of our tutors is ensured and maintained via continuous education and permanent quality inspections.