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All „DeutschTutors“ are experienced, competent language teachers and certified „DaF“-Trainers (“DaF” stands for “Deutsch als Fremdsprache” or “GFL” resp. “German as a foreign language”).  Additionally they are specially trained to make the best use of our interactive e-learning tools and methods.

Amongst our DeutschTutors are native speakers as well non-native speakers with a DaF certification. The decision of native vs. non-native trainer is made depending on the needs of the student. Beginners are preferably trained by non-native speakers who can speak the mother tongue of the student, as this will make communication during the initial stages much easier. Advanced learners are usually trained by native speakers.

Our DeutschTutor-network includes experts for technical vocabulary in a huge variety of subjects from German legalese to medical vocabulary, literary German to technical terminology, and much more.

The high quality standard of our tutors is ensured and maintained via continuous education and permanent quality inspections.


Réka Hamza is founder, tecnical director and driving force behind DeutschTutor. She has studied German philology at the universities of Budapest and Salzburg and possesses long-term experience as language teacher, translator, and interpreter of the German language.

Over several years she worked as a scientific specialist for the ÖSD Institute in Vienna and Klagenfurt. In this position she developed language tests for examinations, educated language teachers all over the world in the execution of such tests and represented the ÖSD with presentations and workshops at international language events.

Her vision with DeutschTutor is to combine her experiences with the opportunities of modern e-learning technology in order to provide people all over the world convenient access to  high quality, efficient German tuition.


The ÖSD ( “Österreichisches Sprachdiplom Deutsch” / Austrian Language Diploma Institute ) is a non-profit organization that develops officially recognized examinations for German as a foreign language, which can be taken at a global network of examination centers. DeutschTutor-founder Réka Hamza acts for the ÖSD as freelance co-worker and representative. Due to the close cooperation between the ÖSD and their associated examination centers, it is possible to coordinate examinations for DeutschTutor students at these centres particularly quickly and conveniently.


For more than 80 years, the Hueber-Verlag is one of the most renowned publishing houses for educational books and other media to teach and learn German language. Based on longstanding positive experiences using Hueber education materials and a cooperation agreement with the Hueber publishing house we prefer to use Hueber media in our instruction.

ImplixClick meeting

Implix is an international leader in web conferencing-solutions. Based on a cooperation partnership between DeutschTutor and Implix we use the “ClickMeeting” web conferencing system by Implix as technical platform for our virtual classroom.


To help our students acquire suitable learning materials and necessary technical equipment in a quick and convenient way, we cooperate with, the globally leading mail-order supplier for books, electronics and a lot more. In our DeutschTutor-Shop operated by Amazon we have reduced the assortment to a selection of articles which we recommend to our students as useful means for learning German. Additionally we have clustered these articles by language skills.

Are you a certified „DaF“-trainer? Would you enjoy providing personal German training to students all over the wold from the comfort of your home? Are you interested in an additional income opportunity with a high level of flexibility in your time scheduling? If you answer yes to these questions, you should contact us!

Our reqirements:

  • University degree (or comparable) in DaF/GFL- or German Philology
  • At least some years of practical experience in teaching German language
  • Ideally basic knowledge and experiences in practical e-teaching methods
  • Open, positive, supportive personality
  • Natural interest and fun working with innovative learning and teaching methods

Your tasks:

  • Execution of online-German classes for individuals or small groups (4 persons max.)
  • Autonomous preparation and execution of classes based on the DeutschTutor-education system.

We offer:

  • An attractive additional income at fair conditions
  • The opportunity to work from the comfort of your home at times of your choice
  • Usage of a e-learning platform based on the latest state-of-the-art technology
  • Thorough enrolment in technology und teaching methods as well as ongoing support
  • No effort for acquisition, advertising, invoicing etc.

Interested? Then please fill out our Contact Sheet and send it to us. Everything else we will discuss by phone.